VCI’s focus is on capacity building support for youth, women and girls in market driven & sustainable production for improved livelihoods and environment conservation in refugee settlements, hosting areas and urban areas.


Vibrant Communities Initiative (VCI) is a humanitarian and skills development initiative, established in 2019, that aims to positively contribute towards improving the living standards of Refugee youth, women and girls and hosting populations in rural and urban areas. We impart life changing skills, vocational skills, capacity building, and psycho-social support and also create awareness on environmental preservation and conservation and make common cause with other civil society organizations and international organizations.


Empower the youth, women and girls through capacity building and skills development with key emphasis on self-reliance and environmental preservation.


Vibrant Communities Initiative (VCI) is an organization that lobbies and advocates for youth, women and girls empowerment through sustainable and market driven production of goods and services for increased livelihood and conservation of the environment as we create opportunities for employment for the youth and a market base for the products.


  1. Promote self-reliance amongst vulnerable youth, women and girls in the refugee settlements and the hosting populations through capacity building and vocational skills development and management.
  2. Enhance the awareness on the best practices for conservation of the environment.
  3. Promote Human rights, Democracy and good governance.


  • Excellence in Performance: VCI works to ensure that its programs are high quality, effective and efficient in nature. They are results-oriented, achieving both development effectiveness and desired results; and are climate, gender and age sensitive as well.
  • Partnership: VCI works respectfully in collaboration with the Government of Uganda through the OPM, The Local government, Refugee and host communities, the private sector and donors, bringing together the unique resources of all to achieve common SDGs.
  • Teamwork: VCI board and staff work on the basis of mutual respect and accountability, dialogue and collaboration. In our work we seek to understand the views and ideas of others, as well as to recognize the positive contributions of each person, so as to build strong relationships within and beyond VCI.
  • Integrity and Ethics: VCI consistently works in a spirit of mutual trust, honesty, transparency and accountability.
  • Diversity: VCI seeks to have a workforce that reflects inclusiveness and is diverse by age, gender and Culture.