Project aims to positively improve the living standards of Refugee /host community vulnerable women and girls with innovative smart livelihoods to reduce Gender Based Violence.

Promote self-reliance amongst vulnerable women and girls through skills development

Enhance the awerness on the best practices for conservation of the environment

Promotive Human rights, Democracy and good governance

Provide pyscho social support

Promote child protection

Recent Works

Strategic Intervention Areas

Skills development and management with key emphasis on environmental prevention

Promote child protection

Gender based violence (GBV) and sexual gender based violence (SGBV) prevention and response

Empowerment of women and girls in leardership roles and entrepreneurship through innovation

Human Rights

democracy and Good governance



Empower women and girl child through skills development with key emphasis on environmental preservation


An organisation that lobbies and advocates for women empowerment through sustainable management of recycled materials for the conservation of the environment as we create opportunities for employment for the youth